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4.  Approximately, what is your budget for this project?

5.  Is your budget flexible, a maximum, or in phases?

Flexible Maximum In phases

6.  Do you have HOA restrictions on landscaping? 

7.  If you have HOA restrictions on landscaping, what are they?

8.  Do you have a septic system or any other type of design impediment? 
If so, please list below.  Otherwise type "NA".

9.  Do you have any blue prints, surveys, grading plans, or any other additional
documents of your property?  If so, please provide the documents for us.

10.  What is the time frame for your project?

less than 6 weeks     less than 3 months     less than 5 months     doesn't matter

11.  Please tell us about your family characteristics.

12.  Are there any interests or concerns to pay particular attention to?

13.  What style of design did you have in mind?

14.  Please select whether you like linear lines or curves in the overall movement of the design?

15.  Please select the number of guests you usually entertain?

16.  Please select whether you prefer portable or built in seating.

17.  Please select the color tones you lean towards.

18.  What building materials do you like?

19.  What building materials do you dislike?

20.  Please select how you would describe your lifestyle.

21.  If a pool is desired, please check as many options as you wish to have.

beach entry    waterfall feature    raised spa    flush spa    slide    water wall
grotto    baja entry    planters around pool    planters in pool    bridge
palapa    sun deck

22.  Do you need shade in a particular area?

23.  If so, please select from the following.

24.  Please tell us what elements you would like to see within your yard.

25.  Please describe any hobbies or outdoor sports that your yard is used for.

26.  Please select whether you would prefer one walkway from the driveway or a dramatic main entry from the street or both in the front yard.

27.  Please specify how much grass versus how much hardscape you would like in the front yard.
Grass        Hardscape

28.  Please specify how much grass versus how much hardscape you would like in the back yard.
Grass        Hardscape

29.  Please describe any privacy concerns you may have.

30.  Please describe any noise issues.

31.  Do you have any strong winds?

32.  Please describe any scenic views you may have?

33.  Please describe any windows that you feel need a focal point.

The purpose of this part of the questionnaire is to aid the horticulturist in their plant designing process.

34.  What theme are you looking for:

Natural        Mediterranean        Oriental        Cottage Garden
California Eclectic        Southwest        English Garden    Tropical

35.  Please check the box of the certain characteristics that appeal to the vision of your garden:

Open        Dense        Manicured        Jungle        Sparse
Lively        Formal        Exotic        Dramatic        Compact
Restrained    Rambling    Restful        Tidy        Simple
Woodsy        Orderly        Desert-like    Drought tolerant
Rustic        Cactus        XeriScape        Feng Shui
Different rooms

36.  How long are you willing to wait to see your garden mature?

6 months
1-3 years
5 years
10 years

37.  Maintenance will be done by:


38.  What maintenance requirements do you desire?

Low          No lawn or annuals. More hardscape, more gravel, or more mulch, for example.

Medium    Some lawn, a few annuals, some pruning. A nice clean look.

High         Large lawn area, many annual flowers, roses, fruit, vegetables, lots of pruning and shaping.

39.  Trees have different growth habits. Which do you find appealing? (check all that apply)

Weeping        Arching        Columnar        Canopy        Informal
Airy        Dense        Mounding        Wispy        Topiary       
Open        Formal        Espalier        Irregular        Informal
Pruned to Shape

40.  Are there plants that you’re interested in? (check all that apply, and DO NOT check all that do NOT apply):

Palms        Eucalyptus        Pepper Tree        Cactus        Evergreens
Succulents        Deciduous        Ivy        Grasses        Vines       
Fragrant plants        Annuals        Vegetables        Roses
Drought tolerant        Ice plant        Stone fruit        Herbs
Ground covers        Berries        Citrus fruit        Flowering trees
Attract hummingbirds        Attract butterflies

 My favorite plants are:

 I don't like:

41.  Do you have any prevailing winds? What side of your property are the winds mostly affecting?

42.  What are your shade patterns around the property? Do you need shade created with plants?

43.  What are your soils conditions like? Sand, loam, clay, rocky. Will we need to amend the planting beds to accommodate some plants?

44.  Are your neighbors too close for comfort some times? Would you like some friendly screening from any neighbors?

45.  There are some plants that can have a negative effect.  I do not want plants that:

Cause Allergies        Have thorns        Attract too many bees
have excessive leaf drop (deciduous trees)        Toxic plants

46.  My color choices are (check all that apply):

COOL      blues        violets        grays        burgundy        whites   

WARM        reds        oranges        yellows        pinks        corals

47.  In combining colors, I like (check all that apply):

Soft pastels        Lots of variety        Bright colors      Earth tones 

48.  I want color in my garden:

Spring        Summer        Winter        Fall         

Please print the following page for your records